Episode 20 — “Di&D20”

The package saga ends. Brian ponders an idea. And we find one of the worst lists of RPGs ever created. Combine all that with a listener feedback clarification and you have Digressions and Dragons episode 20.

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The voice and producer of GM Word of the Week, he is also a Freelance Tabletop Game Editor and Writer as well as a long time podcaster. He has written and edited for Fantasy Flight Games' Star Wars RPGs, Modiphius Entertainment's Mutant Chronicles and Infinity RPGs and several others. He is currently working on his own Transit RPG.

8 thoughts on “Episode 20 — “Di&D20”

  1. y’all have so much trouble with shipments, just wait until you’re inflicted with AMZL. It’s amazon’s new cost savings measure where instead of shipping UPS or whatever, they move your order through their interior logistics network until it’s near you, and then use -some random local courier- for the last mile. Out of four orders, each upwards of 80$, only one was delivered to me, 2 were delivered near me, and the last was within about 200 yards of my apartment building, under a bush. Also the tracking information is useless because they only tell you “it’s being sent” and “it’s out for delivery”.

    People are always surprised when I don’t have Prime, all I can say is “it’s just paying for the right to pay for more things later”

  2. I got awful excited about Zelda coming up in the discussion. I adore the series, but your critical analysis always helps get the gears turning! Of course, this was not the episode for that.

    Angry mentioned almost buying Paranoia, which intrigued me. I think the series sounds pretty interesting, and followed the kickstarter for a while (though I found it after the funding had ended, and just got developer updates). To my knowledge, Paranoia encourages some level of inter-party conflict. In D&D, I know Angry’s metagame says “this is a team sport”. How would or do you have to change your gamemastering to accomdate that?

    I’ve also heard there are different ‘styles’ of Paranoia: Zap is slapstick deaths-a-plenty, classic is at least trying to complete missions, and straight is more of a serious dystopia. Which of the styles appeal to you, and what would you have to do to maintain that style?

    Thanks for the podcasts, guys. They’ve become part of my weekly routine!

    1. Paranoia, in it’s most amusing, fun, and intended version, can and should only be played as a one shot in Zap! mode. Now, that said, you could have connected one shots, but I don’t recommend playing them sequentially. You want some time between sessions for people to cool down and play something else.

  3. Yeah, that was some list, all right. Seems to me like (possibly-paid) advertisement for games with recent or upcoming updates coupled with some nostalgia padding. I guess it’s successful in its way — advertising, including clickbait, is about generating views, and outrage is a good way to do that. It doesn’t really matter than the article’s premise itself is nonsense, if it informs/reminds people about some upcoming products.

    I actually played Aftermath a little bit, back in the ’80s, as well as Space Opera which was another FGU title (and based on my hazy memory, I think they were the same core system). I didn’t own either, although I did pick up PDFs of Aftermath a few years ago mainly to refresh my memory of how they did a few things. I wouldn’t want to run the game, but there are a few interesting bits suitable for mining and modification. (There were a lot of stats and derived stats and skills, and interestingly although the skills were sort of percentage-based, actual resolution used a d20, so effectively you rounded your % chance of success to the nearest 5%, divide by 5, and roll that number or under on a d20 to succeed. Or something like that.)

  4. FLGS’s are hard to operate these days, just like comic book stores and non-field paintball-related stores. Can you tell what my hobbies are? Sadly, FLGS’s aren’t very necessary for the RPG crowd – any space large enough to seat 5 adults plus snacks, like a dining room table in all but the tiniest of apartments, will do; or even just decent computers and internet connections work for more and more gamers – but for the tabletop wargamers and the various card gamers, where face-to-face is mandatory, physical props have yet to be 100% replaced by digital representations, and very large tables to fight all those battles are very nice to have (and hard to come by the space for in efficiency studio apartments). It’s getting harder and harder for FLGS’s to keep their doors open, but do we have to support them? That’s up to your own sense of community… and if the store owners are actually worthy of being supported. Yes, I’ve had some FLGS’s that weren’t worthy of support from the community, no matter how badly I needed a table big enough to take over the world with nasty, evil ratmen.

    You have to admit, though, the young Geek author set himself a nigh impossible task. I can’t think of one game that I’ve enjoyed that hasn’t had an update in the past decade. Cyberpunk 2020… Twilight 2000… BattleTech/MechWarrior… Shadowrun… all have received updates post Y2K. Even the few examples of games that haven’t received updates that I wish I had played, I don’t want to play them for their rules, but for their setting. Anyone could easily steal that and run it in Savage Lands or BRP or Genesys, so I’m not sure why resurrecting those games is necessary in the first place, if you must update them and just not play the originals if they were so enjoyable in the first place.

  5. Wait, what were the Zelda recommendations!? Does this signal the first Di&D cliffhanger ending? I was prepared for a ranked list of every Zelda game with analysis and then the show ended. What cruel trick have you played on me!?

    Okay, I’m over it.

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