Episode 18 — “Accurate At The Time”

Against all odds, we have managed to produce a reasonably accurate episode in which we dwell a bit on books and a vitally important movie, regard some feedback, over promise on some dice, and throw focus onto a very tiny GM.

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The voice and producer of GM Word of the Week, he is also a Freelance Tabletop Game Editor and Writer as well as a long time podcaster. He has written and edited for Fantasy Flight Games' Star Wars RPGs, Modiphius Entertainment's Mutant Chronicles and Infinity RPGs and several others. He is currently working on his own Transit RPG.

27 thoughts on “Episode 18 — “Accurate At The Time”

  1. The table Angry is looking for is on page 38.

    It does appear in the index under “starting at higher level”, but I agree that a “creating a character” index header would be very sensible with this item duplicated there.

  2. Fun Fact: The term “Big Bang” was coined as a pejorative for Georges Lemaitre’s (a Belgian Catholic priest) “Primeval Atom” theory

  3. With regards to the Latin question, the usual split is between “Classical” and “Ecclesiastical”/Medieval Latin.

    The main difference is just pronunciation. Most famously, in the “Classical” pronunciation, Caesar’s famous line “Veni, Vidi, Vici” would be pronounced more like “weni, weedi, weeki”. Ecclesiastical Latin pronounces V’s like English, and has soft C’s, while in Classical the consonant C is always hard (Cicero would be “keekero”) and V is a W sound. There are a few other differences as well.

    There are then of course differences in style and use, as well as vocabulary. Ecclesiastical Latin obviously has to develop or borrow words from Hebrew or Greek to use for philosophy and theology.

  4. Was very sad to see that, as of this time, only the original post appears to be available for the Harry Potter RPG-

  5. Perhaps this is relevant to expanding the rank structure in a way that leads our great nations to peace


    TLDW, Ambassador is typically the highest diplomatic rank, so leave that to the citizens who got in early, and then make people who write in Ministers and Councilors based on arbitrary discrimination. Ministers of particular note can be promoted to chargé d’affaires which is kind of like a vice-ambassador

      1. And, of course, Commonwealth nations do not send each other Ambassadors – that is reserved for those we send to nations outside the club. Instead we send each other High Commissioners. Similarly, we don’t have Embassies in those nations, we have High Commissions.

  6. I am not sure if I am supposed to be angry about the ambassador thing. I’m not sure since when I’m listening to the show, so It depends if you find a nice replacement name for the citizens of Digreece. But it should involve cars.

    The Big Bang Theory made publicly famous by Stephen Hawking is if I understand his words correctly not believed by himself anymore. But don’t nail me down on this.

    Does Tiny co-develop the Angry-RPG? I find co-developer really helpful, because you have to persuade someone else that something is useful&fun for the game. You end up with less what you wanted initially but from my experience the compromise often turns out better.

  7. I have a possible solution to Angry’s anguish regarding the Ambassadors title. Promote everybody who was listening to the show before it was put out for general consumption to be the Nobility of Digressonia (title of your kingdom is a work in progress as far as I am aware). People who write in and have their feedback mentioned on the show can continue being Ambassadors, and people who just listen or don’t have their feedback mentioned on the show are Citizens.

    Also, I was reading through the Angry GM’s backlog and I saw where he said he strongly disliked most of the Marvel Universe with the exception of the X-men cartoon. As someone who might run a superheroes game in the future, I would be interested in knowing whether his issues with Marvel are based on critical analysis of how to make things better, or if it was just a “it’s not for me” kind of deal. If it is based on critical analysis, I would be interested in hearing your take on “what not to do with superheroes”. As an aside, I feel I should mention that the only part of the Marvel Universe I am familiar with are the Spiderman films starring Tobey Maguire and the first three X-men films they made.

  8. Re: Michael Crichton: agree, I enjoyed most of his earlier books more, and especially how he “showed his work” with the footnotes and so on. “Footnotes? In MY fiction?!” Good stuff. Also, you didn’t mention it, but one of my favorites of his is “Eaters of the Dead” which purports to be a translation from Arabic of the adventures of a Muslim … diplomat, I think, who ends up sort of kidnapped by Vikings and traveling to their homeland and getting involved in their adventures. It turns out to be the “real story” behind the Beowulf legend. (Um, spoiler warning for a 40-year-old book?) It was also adapted into a movie, “The 13th Warrior” with Antonio Banderas, which didn’t do all that well at the box office IIRC, but which I thought was pretty good for what it was.

    Re: dice systems, I agree that you shouldn’t criticize something you haven’t tried, but my sense is the Genesys dice pool system isn’t really something I’d enjoy, so I’m not particularly interested in trying it. I just don’t think it would “scratch the itch” in the way I want – I’m not looking for narrative guidance in my dice system, I’m looking for, typically, yes-no answers to specific questions. That’s not to say it’s a bad design.

    1. The music in the movie is however superb and still used from times to times today. I love this genre of music. Most people only know it from “protectors of the Earth”, “heart of courage”, or “Carmina burana” without being aware of the names.

  9. Thank you, gents, I like the discussion of materials used. I’ve used a wide variety as well, depending on the campaign. I’m hoping to get into 3d printing in the near future, mostly for terrain pieces, though I suspect the technology will just keep improving (and the cost dropping) so that we see a lot more minis being offered in the near future as well (currently, most affordable, non-professional printers are good at broad strokes, like terrain pieces and map tiles, but not so great at the finer details, like you see on minis).

    And I’m glad you liked the history lesson, I lived through a lot of it and it was fun to refresh my memory to make sure my info was correct. I grew up in Carlsbad, NM, and since we lived so far from anywhere else civilized, we got in cable channels from Los Angeles (I always wanted to go see Cal Worthington, but my parents, oddly enough, wouldn’t take me), so I vividly remember watching “Robotech” as it came out. The crossroads of anime and America is a very surreal landscape.

    How do you handle lopsided parties? Do you change your adventure to cover their weaknesses, like would you remove traps due to a lack of rogue, or do you let them stumble into it until one of them dies and returns with the missing skill set?

    1. Are you aware of “heroforge”? They let you edit and print your minis online and have a lot of customisation options. If you have your own printer I think they even offer to just sell you the data.

      1. Yes, aware of Heroforge, but the quality for the price (of either the minis they print on their professional machines, or on the machines you or I could afford) just isn’t there. Far more affordable to just buy Reaper Bones or WizKids Deep Cuts, especially if your FLGS is decent enough to have a wide selection on hand, and they’re higher quality to boot. Should we the consumers avoid Heroforge? No, if you want to really personalize a mini, it’s the easiest choice out there (the other choice is to learn 3d modelling on your own and make it yourself, or become a sculptor and start casting your own). And yes, 3d printers are continually improving – in quality of the prints, in reliability, in what materials they can print in, multiple print heads to get different colors, adding inkjet print heads to add coloration directly, in the cost of the printers and the filament… the industry keeps marching on – that eventually it will flip and it’ll be the affordable choice to own a 3d printer and print your minis (and terrain/set dressing, and any of the hundreds of other useful little gadgets and decorations that people make with their 3d printers) instead of buying them.

        1. I hope I’ll live to the day were a 3D printer will be as common as a PC/regular printer.

          I personally like to make up characters in heroforge generator though the price is still a bit steep for me.

  10. There is a Star Wars Dice app for the iPhone (at least) that costs about $5 (cheaper than a set of dice). It’s called Star Wars Dice (convenient) and has dice for Star Wars: Rebellion, Imperial Assault, Star Wars: Armada, Star Wars: RPG, Star Wars: X-Wing and General polyhedral. In its default mode it doesn’t cancel out tokens but it can be configured so that it does. You can save commonly used dice pools and dice can be added and removed by dragging them on or off the “table”.

  11. The “accurate at the time” discussion seems kind of like a mutated form of the news grinder “wrong but not for long” slogan, wherein the company profits from /publishing/ not from accuracy and they can expect that most people will never know or care if they’re normal levels of wrong, then they can just publish corrections for anything mildly significant to appease most of the tiny fraction of people who do care.

    “we know that rightness is fleeting, don’t blame us when the concept of truth has changed”

    Regarding the continuing adventures of understanding overcomplicated relative positions in time, it’s going to be thursday in a few hours, which means you’ve already recorded the episode that will come out in two weeks, so the soonest recording that could have seen this comment comes out… on the 22nd? seems right….

    So depending on the time of day on the monday you record that you stop looking at comments, the episode is only 15 days later for you, but the comments can be as much as 24 days old for us, assuming even further that you’re not pooling good comments to discuss over time


    This is why most podcasts that have a large audience interaction aspect tend to publish within a few days of recording, and record weekly

  12. I’ll do you one better on the AM Radio lightning thing.
    Many older pilots (and some younger ones) will know this. Many airplanes (particularly older ones) are still outfitted with the old-stye Automatic Direction Finder (ADF). It is old and clunky and there are much more reliable pieces of equipment out there. But one really useful feature of it is that it works on AM. Which means that if you know where a certain AM radio station’s transmitter is located, you can use it for navigation. It also means that if you tune it to a blank channel, it will tell you in which direction thunderstorms are so you can fly away from them.

  13. It’s not so much Ambassador status everyone is excited about. I think it’s more the diplomatic immunity that comes with such a title. Perhaps there can be certain arbitrary perks. Something for a bumper sticker or jacket patch. For instance “Attache” status can grant “paper cut immunity for legal size or larger”. Thoughts?

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