Episode 07 — “Obsession”

The obsessions continue. Dragon Quest is still on the mind. As are classical music in cartoons and associated problems, media treatment of a resurrected D&D, and a particular kind of apple. Plus, our feedback on your feedback.

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The voice and producer of GM Word of the Week, he is also a Freelance Tabletop Game Editor and Writer as well as a long time podcaster. He has written and edited for Fantasy Flight Games' Star Wars RPGs, Modiphius Entertainment's Mutant Chronicles and Infinity RPGs and several others. He is currently working on his own Transit RPG.

7 thoughts on “Episode 07 — “Obsession”

    1. I told you folks we were getting it sorted out. 🙂

      Worth noting, I feel like letting some of the ambient sounds remain in the recording produces a more ‘comfortable’ sounding show. I’d appreciate folks’ thoughts on that.

      >squeaks his chair a couple times just for fun<

    1. SOMEONE (I won’t say who) didn’t want to talk about it on air this last recording session.

      But, in truth, it will be some little while before I get to the monster series. The main series has a couple of seriously long games in it that I have yet to get to.

      But after that…

      Oh, and I sort of cheaty started on Dragon Quest Heroes the other day. Rarely has a game made me laugh and smile more. There is some cool stuff in there.

  1. “Ambassador” Bill… funny. Anyway, yes, the audio quality has improved, thank you gentlemen.

    Thanks for the talk on the races, I did learn some things even though I was mostly bemoaning the choices of base classes in 5e. I really need to look at 4th (I skipped it – and 3.5, for that matter – mostly due to lack of gaming group, but partly the reports of the “game-ifying” 4th was doing to D&D) , and looking forward to GM Word of the Week on gnomes.

    If you could write a full edition of D&D (forgetting that Angry has already rewritten many large sections of D&D over on his site), would you write D&D Flex, the system based on “plug ‘n’ play” modules, where the world builder (be it DM or DM and PCs) gets to choose exactly what they want their game to look like from the beginning, rather than a very generic (and often confused) campaign setting like practically all of D&D from the beginning?

  2. My two favourite voices of unreason joined together in a gloriously perverted marriage. How wonderful.

    Fiddleback – much though I love your gravelly tones on Word of the Week, the chat show format is your natural lurking place, and Angry – you need to get out more, don’t hide behind your website becoming encrusted in your own towers of intellect.

    I’m beyond any human level of tolerance for all those other bloody RPG podcasts. They have with a few honorable exceptions (Tome Show, Dragon Talk, System Mastery, Total Party Thrill, Happy Jacks) become stupendously boring, eye-wateringly irritating, stuffed with self importance and bloated with pretension. $%^& them all and their storygamey, osr’ing, rules lawery flatulence.

    You are holding away the Barbarians at the Gate, stay strong.

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