Episode 04 — “Who Is the Milkman?”

Scott and Brian start out easily enough with a quick catch-up on previous topics, but it isn’t long before a beholder brings them to “This one time at RPG camp…”.

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The voice and producer of GM Word of the Week, he is also a Freelance Tabletop Game Editor and Writer as well as a long time podcaster. He has written and edited for Fantasy Flight Games' Star Wars RPGs, Modiphius Entertainment's Mutant Chronicles and Infinity RPGs and several others. He is currently working on his own Transit RPG.

15 thoughts on “Episode 04 — “Who Is the Milkman?”

  1. Hey there!

    Proud to be an Ambassador who listened to the first episode before it was “officially” promoted. I came late to Potelbat, on which I’m still “catching up”, and really dug your live GMWotW because of its deconstructed episode vibe… so, I’m enjoying Digressions as an extension of that.

    I remember the first time I heard a non-scripted “Fiddleback joint” and wondered what sort of moderating influence Scott must be. I’m very pleased that your chemistry is much messier than that (in the best way). Because I’m much newer to actively gaming on tabletops than the two of you are, I find hearing your opinions on the way RPGs have evolved particularly fascinating. I don’t always agree with your conclusions (which is healthy even if I’m wrong, right?), but I’ve left each episode inspired and motivated to run a good game for my players. And for that, I’m grateful.

    Despite generally not being a fan of listicles, I enjoyed your discussion in Episode 2 about non-D&D Fantasy RPGs and would love to hear more about your strongest influences as GMs – the old chestnuts/tidbits that inspired (and perhaps continue to inspire) your visions for running games and/or telling stories. I mean… I’m sure those’ll just keep come up organically. Not trying to pitch a topic, here.

    And I’ll never tire of stories like the character death scores and vignettes. Superb. “GMs never forget.”

    1. Thanks Marty!

      Glad you are finding the show a healthy addition to your gaming library and that you are finding inspiration for your gaming.

      I keep telling people Scott isn’t really the angry one…

      Thanks for listening!

  2. As far as future topics go, I really enjoy hearing you guys talk about RPG systems and break them down for better or worse. Other than that some talk about “ye olde days” of classic D&D would be fun.

  3. I’m enjoying the show immensely. My only complaint is that the volume difference between Fiddleback and Angry. Not only is Angry a little quieter, but he has a tendency to trail off, or move away from the mic, so it’s hard to set my volume in such a way that I can hear both without blowing out my ears.

  4. Back when I was a boy … last millennia …

    I had a friend who always played a magic user (this was AD&D – no high-falutin’ “wizards” in them days), in particular a paranoid magic user who never took a chance, always carefully considered his options and made sure the first party member exposed to any risk of danger was someone else … now that I think of it I could have just stopped at “magic user” – those bastards are all the same.

    So we were exploring somewhere for some long forgotten reason when we come on a room with 4 statues with gaping mouths. We look at them for a while saying things like “gargoyle” and “golem” and “trap” and eventually decide that “trap” is the right word so Thadric IV (a thief like his late brothers Thadric III, II & I) checks them out and gives the all clear saying “The’re just statues with some sort of pipe up to their mouths but I can’t find a trap trigger. Maybe this was a fountain?”

    So having established that the room is safe the aforementioned magic user decides that the quickest way to find out where the pipes lead is to cast “Reduce” on himself and dive in. Even though he never came back he was right that it was the quickest way to find out – when we eventually found the cistern which fed what was, in fact a fountain, it had been colonized by Green Slime on which was floating the magic user’s Ioun Stone – the only thing Green Slime cant digest are rocks.

    Best suicide ever!

  5. i picked up Shadow of the Demon Lord after Scott discussed it on his site, and while I’ve gone over the book, I haven’t had a chance to run it yet. I’d love to hear Scott, and Brian if he has any experience with it, talk about his impressions of of how the game actually plays.

    Really enjoying the show, hope you keep it up.

    (On a unrelated, and utterly pedantic not, in your GM Word of the week episode on the Wendigo, you said the Donner party met its end in the Sierra Madre Mountains, it was actually the Sierra Nevada Mountains, a couple hundred miles north. End pedantry)

  6. Really liking this podcast! Came to potelbat late as well, but really loved it and GM Word of the Week. Really enjoy your work, keep it up guys!

  7. Another good episode, gents, with another good conversation on subclasses. Only constructive thing I can say about the podcast, which is true of so many podcasts out there, is speak up. It’s far easier for us listeners to turn down our player of choice than it is to max out the volume and still strain to hear everything. But you’re still doing better than many.

    On a personal note, I can only remember one PC death while I was at the GM’s helm, and that was only a class 3 – assisted suicide. I don’t care how poor the gnarled old sage appears or how meanly his current abode appears, when he starts glowing and emitting sparks, stop poking that bear… or he might just teleport an elephant a mile above you. “What’s your AC? How many HP do you have? Yeah, neither of those are going to be enough.”

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