Episode 02 — “Quaff, not Coif”

Why Kickstarter? Why Numenera 2? Why Star Wars? In fact, why anything? Brian and Scott discover a lot more questions than real answers in this episode, but, as always, there is more to it than that.

Brian: https://twitter.com/Fiddleback
Scott: https://twitter.com/TheAngryGM

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The voice and producer of GM Word of the Week, he is also a Freelance Tabletop Game Editor and Writer as well as a long time podcaster. He has written and edited for Fantasy Flight Games' Star Wars RPGs, Modiphius Entertainment's Mutant Chronicles and Infinity RPGs and several others. He is currently working on his own Transit RPG.

10 thoughts on “Episode 02 — “Quaff, not Coif”

  1. Ironically, you didn’t bring up Monte Cook’s Arcana Unearthed as a different fantasy world without elves and dwarves

  2. I love everything both of you have ever done. This opportunity to delve directly into your collective streams of thought is the best thing in podcasting since mbmbam. Not that that’s related i just think your cool.

    1. It’s nice of you to offer. I was in Portland after Gen Con in August, but I don’t get there very often. About once every two years, it seems. Still, thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. These kinds of conversations are what I’m loving about this podcast (and the posts on the Angry GM website), particularly the conversation about generic base classes (fighter, mage, thief) and then letting the player diversify from there (archer or cavalier or… so on). Like you I wonder at the inclusion of the Warlock and Sorcerer in the base classes next to Wizard, and have since 3rd edition came out wondered why they include Monk (explain it any way you want, the Monk remains a very Oriental-themed character, which is fine if you’re doing that setting, but for the most part, D&D is European-themed) (and yes, medieval European soldiers were taught to fight with their hands and feet, just look at some of the “fechtbuks” like Talhofer’s, but who wants to punch someone in plate or maille when you have a perfectly serviceable bit of sharpened steel available?) in the base classes. I’d even gone so far in my own ponderings to narrow down the races to just humans, elves, dwarves, and halflings – if humans can cross with elves and orcs, why don’t we see half-elf/half-orcs? why no half-dwarves? And what’s up with gnomes? In D&D, they’ve been tinker-y, shorter dwarves, or tall faerie folk (just shorter elves), what are they? And tieflings and dragonborn (why are dragonborn different from half-dragons? but check the MM, and they are) are decent races, but giving them to the PCs as base races right off the bat?

    Anyway, thanks for the thought sparks, looking forward to more discussions from you gents.

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