Digressions and Dragons

A conversational podcast born from the minds of two long-term RPG GMs. Each of them has been playing RPGs almost since Dungeons and Dragons first came on the scene. Since this is what they have in common, many of their conversations center around the concepts and ideas of D&D and other RPGS. But not always. Often they digress and, this being the internet, it only made sense to include some of those digressions in the show. Hence the name.


Fiddleback (Brian Casey)

The voice and producer of GM Word of the Week, he is also a Freelance Tabletop Game Editor and Writer as well as a long time podcaster. He has written and edited for Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars RPGs, Modiphius Entertainment’s Mutant Chronicles and Infinity RPGs and several others. He is currently working on his own Transit RPG.


The Angry GM (Scott Rehm)

The writer and researcher for each episode of GM Word of the Week. He is a long time player and GM for a variety of gaming systems, though his favorite system remains Dungeons & Dragons. He is a published game writer and also writes TheAngryGM.com where he dispenses GMing advice with attitude. He is definitely and specifically not working on his own game system.