Episode 22 — “The Gentleman’s Dilemma”

You’d think we’d have all of this sort of thing worked out by now, but clearly there are some issues that just won’t go away. Fortunately, we’ve got our own space to complain in and someone is always willing to add a new thing to complain about. We’re no gentlemen, but we could be.

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Episode 21 — “Appellation Trail”

Hello listener. We’ve got some homework for you this time around. We’ve got question and hopefully you have answers. Certainly more answers than we had. Grab a pencil (No. 2, please) and a piece of notebook paper and follow along.

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Episode 18 — “Accurate At The Time”

Against all odds, we have managed to produce a reasonably accurate episode in which we dwell a bit on books and a vitally important movie, regard some feedback, over promise on some dice, and throw focus onto a very tiny GM.

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Episode 16 — “Do NOT Abandon Your Car”

Caution citizens! Nothing in this podcast is intended to make you abandon your car! While driving, please remain in your car no matter what you hear. There is more multiclassing in this episode as well as at least 6 of the eight kinds of fun.

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Episode 15 — “All Berries”

It’s a new year. And that, of course, means we change everything. At least for a day or two. But, since this is already four days into the new year, we’ve already reverted to old habits. Which is just the way we like it. Santa, muppets, feedback, war games, and more all on the first episode of the new year.

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Episode 12 — “IP Freely”

From design intent to the elements of good RPG IPs we cover enough ground for TWO shows. Your feedback about Alien Intelligence, different ‘punks’, and making faces carries us along on a merry discussion that leads us to a very serious realization.

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