Episode 12 — “IP Freely”

From design intent to the elements of good RPG IPs we cover enough ground for TWO shows. Your feedback about Alien Intelligence, different ‘punks’, and making faces carries us along on a merry discussion that leads us to a very serious realization.

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Episode 10 — “A Series Discussion”

Alignment, world building, morality, player investment. This episode is a grab bag of stuff started off by your comments and feedback. We respond to questions about point buy vs. rolling, talk about one-page RPG systems, and even top it all off with news from Amazon. Continue reading “Episode 10 — “A Series Discussion””

Episode 09 — “Anime Perry Mason”

We’ve got friends in low places. Low magic places, at least. Or we would have if we could figure out how to run a low magic game. But that’s okay because, frankly, RAW D&D won’t let us do that anyway. Or would it? Stick around for your feedback and the terribleness that is GURPS.

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Episode 08 — “Show Notes”

The last time we were here, we were talking about Dragon Quest. But this time, we’re talking about lessons learned FROM Dragon Quest, which is totally different. But that is just the start. There’s selling your GM soul, generic RPG systems, questions about things written and said and more. So much more.

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