Episode 33 — “The Market Shifted”

Business has been conducted and conducting said business means we have business to conduct with you. But of course, we also have to talk about the big announcement for Scott, new games for Scott, old games for Scott, and Brian’s latest Genesys purchase.

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Episode 27 — “I Have A Chart!”

Is your game broken? How do you even know? What does broken even mean?

But before all that, we need to talk about The Good Place again. Because Brian and Scott finished season one and oh boy howdy. Oh, and Star Wars: Rebels. And a listener question that more or less takes over the show. Kick back and enjoy.

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Episode 26 — “Traillocater 2.0”

It starts easy enough. We discuss some of the TV we’ve been watching lately, touch base with Scott’s game group, and then think about your answers to the Peter Parker Question. But then someone went and announced something very surprising and that’s basically the rest of the show.

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Episode 24 — “Fourth and Bananas”

We rise to the occasion when challenged. But then we also discuss a failed attempt at a video game, the quality of a movie that isn’t the movie wanted, and, finally, whether or not there is such a thing as a bad gamer.

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